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C-more HMI With Enhanced Allen-Bradley PLC Driver Support (Part Two)

在这一部分中,我们讨论了AutomationDirect支持的Allen-Bradley PLC类型C-moreHMI and covered in detail which protocol should be selected for your application. We also covered the various Data Types for Tags that are supported.

The latest group of C-more drivers (seen below) supports the A-B family of PLCs; the new Ethernet drivers allow simple connectivity of multipleC-morepanels and/or multiple A-B PLCs (Figure 1).

c AB支持

C-morealso has ControlLogix Ethernet/IP Tag Messaging support. This feature increases productivity by reducing the time required to map your PLC tag database into the HMI. You can import the RSLogix 5000 L5K file directly, or with just a few clicks of the mouse you can directly enter your ControlLogix or CompactLogix tags from the PLC into aC-moredatabase. No mapping or translation is required. For the complete discussion (covering Parts One and Two, go tohttps://support.automationdirect.comand select the link to Technical and Application notes. Select theC-morelink and download document AN-EA-004 (UsingC-moreHMI with A-B PLCs).

TheC-more编程软件支持导入以表格格式存储的标记数据库文件,也称为“.csv”文件类型。有关详细示例,我们将讨论从现有的L5K文件导入,该文件是使用rslogix 5000编程软件创建的。

Porting Logix Tags IntoC-moreProgramming Software

RSLogix 5000软件允许用户创建包含标记数据库信息的导出文件。在rslogix 5000中,使用您的项目文件打开,选择文件>另存为(Figure 2).

rslogix 5000.

Then change the“Save as type”到L5K(图3)。记住在保存文件时选择哪个文件夹,因为您需要在稍后找到它C-moreprogramming software.

ImportExport L5K.

Now that you have the L5K File saved, open theC-moreProgramming Software and select导入>标记名称数据库(图4)。

Import Tag Name Database

This will open a window that will display options for importing the tag database files. (Figure 5)

Import tag name

Importing Predefined Data Types

There are many pre-defined data types in the A-B ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs. A pre-defined data type is one that is already created in the RS Logix 5000 software when starting a new project. Some common pre-defined data types are TIMER and COUNTER. The complication in importing pre-defined data types is that there are many of these data types in the RSLogix 5000 software and within many of those, there are multiple data type members. Many members of these pre-defined data types, while useful in the PLC application, will not be needed in theC-moreproject. So, the issue is to decide which pre-defined data types should be imported and which members of those types should or shouldn’t be imported.

优化之间的通信C-moreand A-B PLCs

In most situations, specific actions to optimize the communications betweenC-more并且不需要PLC。在性能至关重要的大应用万博官网手机登陆中,在设计系统时可能需要更加谨慎的规划。以下指南可用于优化与连接到PLC的大多数类型的HMI品牌的通信。但是,在使用时C-moreHMI连接到PLC,需要一些详细了解如何以及何时启动通信。

Writing Data to the PLC


Screen objects only write to the PLC when triggered by the user, such as when a Pushbutton object is pressed or released, the Enter key is pressed in a Numeric Entry object, the Slider object is moved, etc.

The second way thatC-more将对PLC发出写入操作,是通过Event Manager的“标签副本”功能。这可以通过标签更改值,屏幕更改或时间表触发。(有关详细信息,请参阅活动管理器函数。)

The third way thatC-morewill write to the PLC is through the Panel to PLC tags. These typically only occur on a value change and happen infrequently most of the time.


Reading Data From The PLC


The most common are the objects on the current screen that is being displayed. The only objects that will issue read requests, regardless of the screen being displayed, are the trend objects. Most of the time, optimizing the PLC addresses assigned to objects on the same screen will have the most impact on performance.



Optimization for Non-Tag Based PLCs (SLC and MicroLogix)

SLC和Micrologix PLC是固定的解决PLC。在同一文件中分组同一数据类型的连续地址,而在地址之间没有显着差距是优化这些PLC的通信的唯一方法。在同一屏幕中分组连续地址的标签,在事件管理器中或PLC到面板屏幕将减少所请求数据包的数量,因此将增加对可见对象的更新频率。

基于标签的PLC优化(控制/小型/ FlexLogix PLC)

控制/紧凑型和FlexLogix PLC是基于标签的PLC。通信(串行和以太网)的方法涉及包括在电线上发送的请求中的实际符号标签名称。这意味着通过为PLC创建较大和/或多个请求来实现标签名称自身影响通信的速度。程序空间标记名称不高效;每个标记名称都需要程序:标题以及标记名称前面的程序的名称。该方案使请求的大小更大,需要更多请求获取多个标记。

Another method to reduce the size of the tag name requested without necessarily compromising the descriptive nature of the name is to use an Alias name in theC-more软件。别名名称可能比PLC中的原始标记名称短得多。

The most effective method to reduce the number of requests fromC-moreto the PLC is to use arrays in the PLC and then assign theC-more标记到PLC阵列中的连续元素。C-morecan then request multiple PLC tags with one request. This method will, by far, have the most impact in enhanced communication performance betweenC-moreand the PLC.


This concludes the two-part series on usingC-more使用A-B驱动程序。对于完整的讨论(覆盖部分和两个),请转到https://support.automationdirect.comand select the link to Technical and Application notes. Select theC-morelink and download document AN-EA-004 (UsingC-moreHMI with A-B PLCs).

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By Greg Philbrook
HMI and Communications Product Manager